Acadie of the Maritimes

Acadie is located on the eastern side of the Canadian land. The region, which is blessed with an abundance of wealth and natural resources, is made up of three provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.   


Acadie has plenty of green areas to satisfy nature enthusiasts on the hunt for new adventures. The beauty of the coastline where the land meets the Atlantic Ocean will take your breath away. The land is freckled with forests, rivers and numerous parks. Acadie truly is the perfect place to take a breath of fresh air and free your spirit.   


The wide land of Acadie is well developed and organized. Before this background of vibrant green landscapes lay thriving cities and charming villages. The urban centres offer all the sought-after services while being compact, safe, welcoming, and most importantly, close to nature.   


What makes Acadie so inviting, however, is the people. From its English, Irish, Scottish and French descent, Atlantic Canada has developed a one-of-a-kind culture where the Acadian and French identities coexist, and where heritage is not only an integral part of the people’s lives, but also helps build the economy.